JULIE MORLEY    MNCS Accred, Hyp.dip,  Adv.dip.CP
Personal Psychotherapist

You don't have to have a Mental Health Problem,

to benefit from Personal Therapy​

There are currently two regular spaces available on Tuesday or Friday at 2pm

Welcome to my website..

With almost 13 years experience, I am a well established Personal Psychotherapist working from my home-office in Deeping and I specialize in promoting the Psychological and Emotional wellbeing of women.

A wide variety of people visit me from all over the area seeking to work through anxieties or problems and gain a deeper level of self understanding and develop their identity, authenticity and their relationships.

Those who visit want to understand their own mind and work out what is going on for them and want to feel better.

The work I do is about exploring how you function in the world and enables you to understand a lot of how your mind works, who you are and how you as an invidual operates and what makes a difference to that.

The work I do is usually medium to long term personal therapy (3 months plus) so sometimes there may be a bit of a wait before a place becomes available.


I work from my home situated very close to The Deepings Senior School.

Appointment Times  

Mon - Fri  9:30 - 4pm

Counselling and Psychotherapy

Julie Morley

Adv.DipCP, Hyp.Dip, MNCS

Situated very close to The Deepings Senior School


Independent Advanced Integrative & Personal Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, Relationship & Psychosexual Therapist, Stress Consultant, Senior Tutor & Lecturer in Psychotherapy & Counselling

Accredited Member of The National Counselling Society

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