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The 60 second hug


1. He hugs her, she takes comfort from the hug.

2. She Hugs him, he takes comfort from the hug.

3. Hug together equally

Looking at hug type 3, this equal hug helps connect a couple but it can take practice.


It involves no leaning into the other one as this can change the hug type into taking a hug from someone or giving a hug to someone. It also involves equal pressure on both parts where both need to not take over the hug ‘me to you’ and not to being a needy hug ‘please hug me’. We also need to be careful that neither person turns it into anything sexual .

This hug practice needs to take place for 60 seconds for it to be most effective.

(Hugging and touching creates the hormone Oxytocin which is commonly called ‘the cuddle hormone”).