Julie Morley (Ad.Dip.CP, Hyp.dip, MNCS, Dip.Psysextherapy)

Independent Personal Psychotherapist

9 Welland Way, Deeping St James, Peterborough PE6 8QE
Tel: 07761 065 726

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Personal Psychological & Emotional Development
and Stress Consultancy

Psychotherapeutic Coaching

Market Deeping & Deeping St James, Peterborough

How the Psychotherapeutic & Wellbeing Coaching Process Works

I will work with you in a process which aims to switch on a personal process of psychological / emotional development.

It becomes your time and space for reflection and explores thoughts, feelings, ideas and personal identity and history and it identifies through specialized psychotherapeutic techniques, areas of intervention aimed at bringing everything together.

This aims to bring a straightenning out of the cycles your mind and emotions which then allows space for anything underlying to surface and becomes available for processing and integrating.

During the process, talkers learn to think, thinkers learn to talk and anxieties are unpicked, feelings are acknowledged and the self is understood more clearly and this provides relief and positive change in a multitude of ways including some personality changes and mental and emotional integration.

The Psychotherapeutic process tends not to attempt to fix the problem in a simple way, although good therapy will always address the problem providing context and guidance.

Symptoms of distress reduce and internal or external conflicts can be transformed and understood. This gives a person an internal psychological and emotional skill set of being able to deal and cope with life's difficulties more effectively in the future.

A successful term in Personal Psychotherapeutic Coaching, whether it is long or short term aims to be life changing and self empowering bringing a deeper level of self understanding as we work together to bring insight in to your whole being.

'Committed to the self-empowerment of women'

Some of the reasons that trigger people to enter Psychotherapeutic & Wellbeing Coaching include:

Stress symptoms

Love relationships going wrong

Intimate relationships feeling in a rut,

A sense of losing touch with yourself,

Not knowing how you feel

A sense of not knowing who you are any more

Coping skills no longer working

The emotions that are felt or thoughts going on, have now become part of the problem