Julie Morley   (MNCS Accred, Hyp.dip, dip.psysextherapy, Adv.dip.CP)

Personal Psychotherapist

Market Deeping, Peterborough, UK

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Personal Psychotherapy Practice

& Women's Stress Consultancy & Counselling


There is a wide range of Anxiety problems ranging from Mild general anxiety to severe general anxiety, Anxiety Disorders, Nervous Breakdowns and anxiety that accompanies Depression or Trauma.

Often there are also physical symptoms such as Panic attacks, digestive issues, high blood pressure, heart palpitations, Insomnia and  restlessness which are also often accompanied by some worrying psychological and thinking patterns such as a repetative internal dialogue, repetative thoughts, an inability to concentrate and a lesser ability to live day to day life like you normally did or just not enjoy any part of daily living.

There can also be some avoidance behaviours such as avoiding places, going out  or activities or people or there can also be an increase in unhelpful behaviours such as aggression, irritability or addictive behaviours.

Whichever way it manifests for you the chances are you are likely to be feeling worried, misunderstood, quite scared and confused sometimes.  You may find yourself scouring the internet for answers and talking to others but seemingly going around in circles, especially if this hasn't happenned to you before.

How Therapy Helps

Psychotherapy around the issue of anxiety works to reduce all of the above symptoms and work out how it came about too.  You work to develop preventative strategies for the future and see if there are any changes that might need to be made in your life and a good exploration of how to recover from the anxiety problem and move on from it.