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The Coffee Shop
Your Cafe, Your Brand

This exercise is based on a Jungian Style exercise which uses the mind's ability to use symbols and visualisation to help us learn about ourselves via imagery created by the mind. 

Assuming you are doing this exercise on your own, it is definately best to write down your creative answers and if you are with a companion, describing your cafe to them also helps with the process.   If you simply imagine it, it does not have the same useful effect.

The coffee shop exercise

Imagine a scenario where you are given a brief to establish and run a coffee shop. The parameters are fairly generous:

You have unlimited budget, time and resources.

You can open this shop anywhere in the world.

Whilst making the shop profitable can be a priority it needn’t be; that is to say profitability is a permissible but not necessary (essential) concern.  In constructing your coffee shop these are the parameters, amongst any others that occur to you that you should focus on:


(Where in the world, what country, what part of that country, what is the surrounding landscape and feel of this area).

Operating hours.

(What time will you open and close during the day, are there shifts).

The look and feel of the shop, exterior and interior, shop fittings, layout, colours etc.

(Write plenty about this)

The ambiance and atmosphere you would create.

(Write plenty about this too. Any music, what sort? Is it noisy or quiet? Colourful or artful, relaxing or invogorating)

Your menu

(What do you sell. If coffee, any special type? Hot or cold foods, meals or snacks, what types of foods and drinks).

Any Particular area/s of focus.

(Chinese restaurants often have large fish in tanks, or extraordinary money trees. Would you have any are of focus involved?)

Your clientele

(What type of people is your shop aimed at, who would you most like there? Older people, Mums with children? Tourists or locals, which age group or groups etc).

Where and what you would be doing in your shop.

(Would you be serving or out the back doing the accounts? Would you be interacting with yout customers or observing from the patio out the back)

Write also, any other areas or parameters that occur to you.

When you have completed the exercise, message me so that I can send you the key to
decipher your café and what this means to you.

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