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Your Cafe

Analysis of the image /understanding the significance of your coffee shop.

The coffee shop you created is said to be a metaphor of your persona and this comes from deep in your unconscious mind. The images will portray who you are in the world, what you show of yourself to the world, what types of people you would like to attract to yourself and what you are offering to others and putting out there to attract people. The exercise might even have some representation of your social and public values and even, what you offer the world.

In your creation you will have used various images and ideas (symbols) and these can help show you who your are, what youre putting out there and while imagining being a customer to your ‘shop’ you may even start to see yourself from the viewpoint of others and what they are then encountering when you come across each other in life.

Try doing the exercise with others and make comments on each others coffee shops.

Location is significant

This could say a lot about where your soul longs to be, and maybe where your real home is or it could be presenting an interest in that culture. Often the place chosen is an area where someone has spent some of their childhood or early adulthood, either in reality or through books or TV.

Your role in the shop

Are you in an introverted or extroverted role: are you behind the scenes or front of shop – are you even present in your coffee shop? This can describe your desire to participate or not with others or show the amount of people you would like or prefer or even need in your life.

Who are the Customers?

The customers are very revealing, presumably this is the type of person you want to socialise with. Who are these people? How selective are you in your customer type – how is this reflected in your actual life? If there is a real contrast between the customers in your coffee shop and the people you are mixing with in the real world then this bears further reflection – why the contrast?

Trading hours:

when are you at your best?

What do you offer?

Why would customers frequent your shop, and what would keep them coming back? What you created represents who you are, what you like and how responsible you might or might not feel for the comfort of others. It could display any nurturing or non nurturing tendancies. It could show us how much a person likes to show off (in a good way) or keep hidden and it might well show your likes and dislikes in many ways. IE Nature, creativity or modern design etc.

The image of your coffee shop is obviously an idealisation, that is to say it is aspirational, not necessarily indicative of the status quo. So what it brings to light are your ideal rather than lived values, but once again any contrast here is worth noting and reflecting on.

What values are represented in your coffee shop?

What dominates: aesthetics, quality, profit, the fare, the standard of the coffee, the type of customers, the atmosphere, is it about connectedness, communication, elegance, etc.

The best thought after creating your coffee shop is, what exactly do you think the coffee (in the coffee shop) symbolises?