Psychotherapy, Counselling, Coaching and Women's Stress Consultancy

Deeping St James & Market Deeping, Peterborough

Terms of Arrangement


As your Psychotherapeutic Coach I am committed to you and will give you the time and space to use my expertise, skills and attention.

Ethics:   I am a member of The Counselling Society and subscribe to their code of ethics which can be read in full their website.


Your identity will not be shared with anyone else and our contract is between you and I only. I will on occasion make notes to remember certain facts to help with memory but there is no recording of a session. We may also do exercises on paper. To read about Data Privacy policy, please click here >


Within any session you may wish to disclose a particular issue, thought, feeling, situation, incident or dream or use the time to be quiet and reflect. Sessions are not structured in a particular way but are facilitated so that you are encouraged to use the time to bring forward for exploration whatever feels priority at any given time.

Appointment Times:

Appointments are usually weekly at the start and we will agree to a regular appointment time to meet and any necessary changes will be agreed in advance, with as much notice as reasonably possible. For those who are able to be flexible, let me know as some small movements can be useful to help others fit in when they start therapy. In return I will always try to be flexible where I can when you need to alter an arrangement appointment if needed.


Any cancellations are payable unless 24 hours or more notice is given, at which time we will try to re-schedule during the same week where possible.   If you have paid in advance and you are unable to make your appointment, as long as 24hrs or more notice is given then your appointment is credited and carried over to the following week. If you cancel without 24hrs notice, the cost of the sessions is deducted as if you have attended.

Time in Therapy

At the start we may agree a fixed number of sessions or, more usually the number of sessions will be open ended. When you feel ready to end our sessions, it is recommended this is mentioned 2-3 sessions beforehand so that we can use the opportunity to explore feelings around leaving and summarise the work we have done and what might be outstanding. The aim of this is so that you leave with full awareness of where you are at and with a positive feeling of closure.


My fee includes my supervision costs, insurance, training and membership of The Counselling Society.

Payment Arrangements

Sessions are £40 per appointment and is paid for on the 1st of the month for the forthcoming month. EG. If your regular appointment is on a Thursday and there are 4x Thursdays in February, then you would send over £160 via bank transfer to arrive by the last day in January. (Usually I will message you around a week before the last day of the month to remind you to send your payment over. It needs to arrive before the 1st day of the month as this keeps the accounts organized).

For the very first session, payment is with cash on the day.
In the sessions up until the 1st of a month comes around,  cash is fine or bank transfer for the session  24hrs prior confirms your appointment. (If you forget you can pay by card on the day)

(Appointments will still need paying for if you cancel without 24hrs notice, but I will endeavor to rearrange the appointment for the same week where I can so that you still get your time).