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Couples Counselling

It is often suggested that all that is needed to improve a relationship is better communication but to have a rewarding and intimate relationship experience requires much more than the ability to talk to each other- although of course this is an important starting point.

At the present time all my Couples Counselling enquiries are being directed to my colleague Nikki Bruce who is a highly experienced Relationship and Psychosexual Counsellor with many years of training with Relate and many years experience working with thousands of couples.

Please read below what Nikki Bruce in Warmington has to say. 

Relationship Counselling

The health of our relationships is a vital factor in our overall health and happiness. Some would say you can’t have one without the other. But healthy relationships don’t happen automatically. Even great relationships, which at first seem so natural and effortless, can encounter problems.

Relationship counselling provides couples and individuals the opportunity to reflect and understand why they feel and act the way they do. People are often too involved in their relationship problems to understand them properly. Counselling holds up a mirror to the relationship, which can result in new understanding and finding new ways to move forward.

I have been counselling in the Peterborough and Oundle area for fifteen years and have helped hundreds of people understand themselves and their relationships better. I offer a safe, supportive and confidential place for us to explore your issues, understand them and make positive, long lasting changes.

For more details about how working with me can make positive changes to your relationships and life, please go to my Relationship Counselling page.

Psychosexual Therapy

During my time with Relate I chose to specialise in the couple’s sexual relationship. So as well as a couple counsellor I am a fully qualified Psychosexual Therapist. This is different to couple counselling and addresses specific problems people have in the bedroom, such as loss of desire, erectile problems or vaginismus.

Despite being very common, sexual problems are often difficult to talk about. They can cause feelings of embarrassment or shame which themselves impact on self-esteem and relationships. My sessions provide a safe place, free from judgement, where those difficult conversations can take place and where the problem can be treated.

I work with individuals and couples of all sexual orientations, gender identities and sexualities.  For more information about sex therapy sessions please go to my Psychosexual Therapy page.

Nikki Bruce



Relationship Counselling &

Psychosexual Therapy

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