Julie Morley   (MNCS Accred, Hyp.dip, dip.psysextherapy, Adv.dip.CP)

Personal Psychotherapist

Market Deeping, Peterborough, UK

Mob: 07761 065 726    Email: [email protected]

Personal Psychotherapy Practice

Personal Psychotherapy,   Counselling,   Psychotherapeutic Coaching,

Relationship Therapy, Psychosexual Coaching, Insomnia Therapy

COVID-19 Precautions for Appointments

Face to Face Sessions

On arrival for your appointment

1.  I often meet you on the drive so you don't have to knock, however if knocking on the front door, please step back so that I can open and move back to let you through.

2. I sometimes take forehead temperatures on arrival for an appointment.

3. After you have been once, it is likely that the front door will be already open for you if I am not on the drive. Just walk in and go to your chair.

Priority Guidance- when not to attend

Do not attend sessions if you or someone you live with has been advised to shield by your doctor.

Do not attend sessions if you or anyone you live with has symptoms that could be a sign of a Corona Virus infection.

Do not attend sessions if you or someone you live with has recently been in close proximity to:

  • Someone who has been tested positive
  • Someone who is waiting for Covid test results
  • Someone who is showing symptoms of Conrona virus.

In-session Precautions to Support you

• Hand gel will be available next to your chair, please help yourself.

• During session, we will be sat 2 meters apart.

• Try not to touch any door handles or door frames when moving in and out of the room/ house, allow me to do that.

• If using the visa card payment facility, payment can be taken via visa card machine by using wave facility at a 2 meter distance.

• After our session, I will leave the room first opening the doors and you can follow at a 2 meter distance so that you have no need to touch anything.

My Current Contribution to Covid-19 Safet during the pandemic

  •  I am unable to offer drinks like I normally might, please bring a drink.
  •  I cannot offer access to the toilet in the property.
  •  Windows will remain open throughout the session, some people bring a blanket for cold days.


I have had both covid vaccines.

If you or i feel unsafe, especially if covid rates in the area increase or Government guidance dictates new rules, we can move sessions online or on the telephone, although in the main, my practice is a face to face service.

If our area goes back into full lockdown due to another corona virus wave, then this means therapy will be paused or moved online and we would decide about this on an individual basis.

* This page is regularly updated to meet Government Guidelines