J U L I E  M O R L E Y


Hypno - Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy

As a Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist I am able to use techniques that blend the two together during therapy.  Hypnotherapy is well accepted across the medical and scientific professionals as a healthy and worthwhile treatment aid and tool.  It is often an effective aid to promote positive change by accessing the power of the unconsciuos mind directly while in a comfortable and alert trance state.

Sometimes we may be using Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy independently and in the conventional way so in some sessions I we use Hypnotherapy and in other sessions I facilitate Psychotherapy.  Other timesPsychotherapy techniques are used during Hypnosis and sometimes Hypnotherapy techniques and skills are used during Psychotherapy where no hypnotic trance is induced.

More about Hypnosis
Hypnosis itself, is a relaxed trance-like state which is a perfectly natural state for people to slip into and we often do this within taking much notice in our daily lives.

Hypnotherapy harnesses this by inducting you into the trance-like hypnotic state and while very relaxed you accept suggestions for positve change.  This helps bypass the part of you which would normally consciously block such changes.  During hypnosis you are not asleep, but the word sleep is sometimes used to describe the trance like state.  It is surprising to some that it is thought that we are more alert than you normally are when you are fully awake.  Hypnotherapy is not to be compared to stage hypnosis and you will not do anything you do not wsh to do whilst under hypnosis.

Some of the reasons people use Hypnotherapy for include:

  • De-stress
  • Help the body to heal
  • Deal with Sleep & Insomnia Problems
  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Lift Mild Depression
  • Reduce Social Anxiety
  • Reduce Headaches and Migraines
  • Reduce nerves around Public Speaking
  • Be more effective During Interviews
  • Deal with Phobias
  • Improve Confidence