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Aromatherapy Indian Head Massage (seated)

Out of all the massage therapies I have trained in or experienced I fully believe Indian Head massage and scalp massage can assist in reducing a lot of stress related ailments involved in tension in the head, neck and shoulders which can cause headaches, sleep problems, pain and problems with sinus drainage. As an Aromatherapist I add the essential oils to the massage both in the room and in the massage oil or cream that is used.

I became an Aromatherapist in 2009 as I was particularly interested in the therapeutic uses to ease emotions, relax or invigorate and help reduce stress for people.

Aromatherapy oils used in massage can deeply enhance a massage and it's effects as it increases the powerful healthy effects of the massage itself.

How does this work?

The natural chemicals in essential oils work in synergy with one another and the oils evaporate quickly and so their molecules are easily inhaled. The inhalation of these naturally occurring synergistic chemicals provide triggers to our brain and the triggers effect our emotions. Essential oils can also be blended into an oil which can be put onto our skin as a cream or oil and used in massage or mixed with a carrier oil in a bath.

If you are interested in the benefits of Aromatherapy, I am able to suggest ones for you to purchase and let you know how to use them or I may be able to create for you a preparation aimed at your particular emotional state to relieve it. Each preparation would have a small cost involved.

If I have no space available, Rachel Bloom also provides these services during the week as well as Saturdays.

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Indian Head Massage

Reducing tension in the head, neck and shoulders