Julie Morley   (MNCS Accred, Hyp.dip, dip.psysextherapy, Adv.dip.CP)

Personal Psychotherapist

Market Deeping, Peterborough, UK

Mob: 07761 065 726    Email: [email protected]

Personal Psychotherapy Practice

Personal Psychotherapy,   Counselling,   Psychotherapeutic Coaching,

Relationship Therapy, Psychosexual Coaching, Insomnia Therapy

Other Services

Personal Psychotherapy

Medium to Long Term Therapy involving many Psychotherapeutic Techniques and Styles.

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Stress Consultancy

Stress Consultancy involves a structured set of sessions targetted at reducing the physical and psychological symptoms of stress.

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Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling is focussed around relationships that have fallen into difficulty or works to explore negative patterns aiming for more positive outcomes.

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Short to Medium term Counselling is around improving your responses to particular issue or issues that is happening in your life at the current time.

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Psychosexual Therapy

Talk in confidence about one of the most difficult subjects to discuss when there is a few problems going on.
Sex therapy aims to remove blocks to healthier sexual expression and experience.

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Psychotherapeutic Coaching

Therapeutic Coaching is where most people doing long term therapy end up after working through the earlier difficulties.  People can enter therapy while already in a relatively positive place and move through the Therapeutic Coaching process. 

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Hypnotherapy is a process in which you enter a trance in a relaxed state and by-pass the conscious mind alter thoughts, feeling or behaviours to something more desired.

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Sleep & Insomnia Therapy

Professional support around Sleep and Insomnia problems is sometimes needed to get your sleep back on track.

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