JULIE MORLEY    MNCS Accred, Hyp.dip,  Adv.dip.CP
Personal Psychotherapist

Relationship Counselling

It is often suggested that all that is needed to improve a relationship is better communication but to have a rewarding and intimate relationship experience requires much more than the ability to talk to each other- although of course this is an important starting point.

Counselling around relationships can be as a couple or as an individual.

Relationship Therapy

(for Individuals)

Many people attend Relationship Therapy to work on relationship issues whether they are in a relationship or not. Many people attend without their partner to work on problems.

Therapy takes a refreshing look into your intimate relationships and can identify where things could be going wrong and what makes a difference to that.

Relationship Counselling & Therapy aims to deal with the immediate relationship problems like arguments, control issues, communication problems, separation or divorce but also deeper rooted causes of certain problems aiming for for a longer lasting positive change.

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Psychosexual Therapy

Sex is never a big deal until something goes wrong and then it becomes a very big deal.  Sexual issues are very common but difficult to talk about and so discussions to work out a problem between a couple often are emotionally loaded and can quickly go wrong which compunds the problem.

Psychosexual Therapy aims to  provide interventions and solutions to the problems going on for either for one person or for a couple.

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Couples Counselling

At the present time all my Couples Counselling enquiries, where you both attend together are being directed to my colleague Nikki Bruce who is a highly experienced Relationship and Psychosexual Counsellor with many years of training with Relate and many years experience working with thousands of couples.

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