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Relationship Therapy For Individuals

Many people attend Relationship Therapy to work on relationship issues whether they are in a relationship or not. Many people attend without their partner to work on problems.  Therapy takes a refreshing look into your intimate relationships and can identify where things could be going wrong and what makes a difference to that.  Relationship Counselling & Therapy aims to deal with the immediate relationship problems like arguments, control issues, communication problems, separation or divorce but also deeper rooted causes of certain problems aiming for for a longer lasting positive change.

Relationship Therapy can explore deeply into who you are in a relationship and what you truly need, want and desire which is usually out of view before the psychotherapy process intervenes. It helps identify your true sense of self so that you are able to engage in better intimate relationships whether that be with the current partner or any partners in the future.

The deeper level of therapy work involved with your inner self, shines light on your process which provides us clues and informs us of how you can remove blocks to trigger positive change on a variety of levels.

Some of the areas people enter Relationship Therapy for include:


Separation & Divorce

Control Issues

Communication Problems

Practical or Emotional Dependency

Emotional Abuse


Intimacy Issues


Lonliness in a relationship

Psychological Abuse

Relationship Anxiety

Stress in a relationship

Toxic relationships

Trust Issues

Unhealthy relationship Patterns

Sex Therapy

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