Julie Morley (Ad.Dip.CP, Hyp.dip, MNCS, Dip.Psysextherapy)

Independent Personal Psychotherapist

9 Welland Way, Deeping St James, Peterborough PE6 8QE
Tel: 07761 065 726

Email: [email protected]

Personal Psychological & Emotional Development
and Stress Consultancy

Psychotherapeutic Coaching

Market Deeping & Deeping St James, Peterborough

Stress Consultancy

The effects of stress can vary from continual feelings of discomfort to physical or mental health problems.

The Stress Consultancy Part of my Practice is about the initial focus being dealing with stress and stress related conditions. This includes the physical, emotional and psychological effects of stress including mild mental health issues.

You will work through a specially devised Stress Reduction/ Psycho-Educational Programme.

If mental health is more severe then regular Psychotherapy sessions would be a more suitable approach then a stress reduction programme. 

Sometimes extreme stress can cause anxiety, depression and other responses all by itself and therapy is around exploring what the root causes are and working towards getting re-balanced so as to feel less distress.

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Stress Counselling

Stress Reduction can have a positive impact on your mental health & well-being