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Personal Psychotherapist

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Transactional Analysis (TA)

Transaction Analysis is a way to view communication so that we can improve interpersonal relationships and understand our own reactions to other people and how and why they can sometimes go wrong.

It is ONLY a communication tool and can be quite transformative and help how we feel and improve outcomes of our interactions with others.  This model can be related to all communications, in the work place, in our family, in our intimate relationships and any age person can benefit from understanding the ideas suggested.  

When being introduced to this model, most people can recognise themselves and others and ways of communicating that we tend to do in various situations.

If two people learn this idea to improve their communication, we need to remember not to use it against each other in a power struggle, but to learn and use it kindly with an open mind and perhaps some humour too. No-one is perfect.

The below first link is to read about TA and the second link shows you a quick reference chart. Both can be printed.

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