Julie Morley

MNCS Accred, Hyp.dip, dip.psysextherapy, Adv.dip.CP

Personal Psychotherapist

Market Deeping / Deeping St James, Peterborough UK 

Tel: 07902 583 487      Email: [email protected]

Client Testimonials

Female (62) Lincolnshire 2021

'After years of not coping very well during many stressful personal situations I hit a wall. I felt overwhelmed and knew I needed help, so I built up the courage to ask Julie. She was kind, non-judgemental, gave space to express my feelings, then helped me understand them. To know I was not alone in what I felt was very reassuring. I am now in control of my life and armed with new skills that Julie has taught me and I am moving forward with confidence. Looking forward, I would not hesitate to get in touch with Julie if I needed support.

Female (Early 70's) Lincolnshire 2021

I wish I'd met Julie a long time ago.  She has turned my life around.  I thought I was good at sorting out difficulties and solving problems - I was but other peoples!  A stressful job and then family difficulties overwhelmed me.  Through Julie I have learned to look at life differently, to understand how my brain works and to change my perspective.  She is kind, patient and understanding, suggesting other ways of seeing situations without criticising or blaming.  Now I have some tools to begin to cope with life effectively and enjoy it again.  I thoroughly recommend her, everyone needs a Julie.

Female (49) Stamford 2020

I started with Julie in Nov 19 after being in and out of NHS mental health services all my adult life! Going from crisis to crisis, medicated with high dose anti depressants for severe depression and antipsychotics to level my mood and shut my brain up.. which worked for a time.

Any way long story short I've by- that I mean "we" - have made more progress in this short time I'm absolutely amazed I don't know how she does it, she reads me like a book, and I feel like I'm just having a cuppa and chat with my friend.

Very highly recommended *****

Male (38) Peterborough 2020

After a break up I decided it was time to go and see a counsellor, and seeing a Julie was the best choice I could have made. Not only has she enabled me to take control back into my own hands, and become an independent person, but I’ve got a whole new look on life. Julie is really amazing at what she does and I now have a whole different understanding of myself. I am truly grateful, and would recommend anyone take the first step and book an appointment.

Female (35) Peterborough 2019

After suffering for 17 years with insomnia related to anxiety, I started to see Julie and she gradually unfolded everything. Julie helped me to realise all of the influences on my sleep pattern and also how to live my life my way and to do the things I want to do. It was a real emotional discovery when I recognised I was living the life I thought I was supposed to live rather than the one I chose. Julie has helped me to cope with the pressures of family life and work life and I can happily now say I sleep well. My insomnia gave me depression so I now feel like a new and happy person and I'm looking forward to the future!

Female ((32) Spalding 2019

I started therapy with Julie when my depression, anxiety and childhood traumas became too much to bare and I struggled to function or do anything. I had been diagnosed with anxiety and depression and I was taking strong sedative anti-depressants. Therapy has been both interesting and difficult and it’s been a great deal of work around stress, anxiety, parenting, relationships, dealing with trauma and dealing with other negative and manipulative people. I have also worked on my own confidence and self-esteem and I have learned to value myself. Over time therapy has helped me to deal with life, stress, depression and traumas. I felt as though I had spent my life drifting through a dark blur and therapy has been like wearing glasses for the first time and seeing things more clearly. I am now off anti-depressants and I cope with life's stress better. I have learned to manage my depression and my feelings better and because of this, I feel I have become a better parent, wife and member of my extended family. Although it has been a long hard road it is very much worth the effort. I would highly recommend Julie as a counsellor and therapist.

Female (26) Peterborough 2018

I can't thank you enough for what you've done so far and you've helped bring me back to a person I didn't even realise I'd lost. People say I'm much more relaxed & calm. The feeling of contentment and self validation is truly priceless and is a complete new feeling! If I do decline I know I can get back out. You truly have shown me the light after over a year of me trying to suppress my overriding anxiety and I can't thank you enough for that!

Female 43yrs Peterborough 2018

I experienced resolution of a 30 year old issue that haunted me. Many other issues discussed and the outcome of validation and understand was a relief. Most definitely a Counseller that can relate and empathise with resolutions too. Thank you Julie

Male 31 Market Deeping 2017

I will proudly stand up and say, I am a man, and I have issues, and I am getting HELP for them... do not be afraid to admit if you have your own problems, and do not be afraid to seek help.


Male (32) Deeping St Nicholas 2017

'I went into therapy because of everything... not just confidence, or depression, or anxiety, EVERYTHING.. I was stubbourn. I had tons of issues and I was not convinced therapy would even be able to change a single thing. I denied everything about it. I'd been a certain way for a long time just trying to cope with what I had. Julie finagled her way into my unconciousness, and... rearranged the way i thought, to give me a clearer view on how my own mind works for the better. Giving me a new clarity on my own mind, and opening me to new experiences and ideas for my own betterment. And im VERY stubborn, so thats saying something!"


Male (25) 2017 Stamford

I received counselling from Julie in the form of supportive intervention for a crisis. I had a huge meltdown and was then signed off work with Stress & Anxiety as I froze up and was barely functional and thats when I saw my Doctor and then Julie for Psychotherapy. Julie provided me with immediate support and regular counselling sessions. As soon as starting therapy I felt calmer. I noticed a positive shift in the way I felt about my self and the world around me. The counselling helped me to accept the past and face up to personal fears about the future that were causing stress and anxiety. I am very grateful for the therapy that Julie provided as it transformed my life for the better. Overall Julie Morley is a psychotherapist and counsellor of the highest standard. I would confidently recommend Julie to anyone looking for an experienced and reliable therapist. (P)

Female (30) 2017 Peterborough

I had never been for counselling before so didn't know what to expect, I was nervous and unsure but as soon as I met Julie at my first appointment all of those feelings disappeared, from my first session she really helped me with the physical symptoms of my anxiety and bereavement. She taught me tools to use and gave me different sources of information to help me and now after several sessions I'm feeling so much better again!! I would recommend Julie to anybody seeking counselling, she's fantastic (N)

Female (70) 2017. The Deepings

Julie was my therapist for a few weeks, I suffered with anxiety and stress.. she has given me the tools to manage this problem, I can use them each time I feel an attack coming on, I am now confident I can continue my life knowing I have ways and means to deal with the stress that my past experiences left me with... thank you Julie (S)

Male (50) 2017. Peterborough

I have to say, I now enjoy every day and I buzz with intellectual concepts and work energetically and successfully. I now control my destiny and have regained my inner ability to see and solve. When I started with julie I was a shadow of my self. I had lost my job, I was depressed and little belief in my self. I had been in a very destructive relationship for 6 years and I was destroyed and devastated. Through counselling I managed to emotionally separate from the harmful and destructive stuff and then was strong enough to leave the harmful relationship in which i was trapped ....now life is full every day...as it used to be. Thanks to Julie! (NR)

Female (35) 2016. Stamford..

I decided enough was enough with how I was feeling and decided to go and see someone who can help me with not only my agoraphobia but to be a better version of me. Through Julie I was able to learn why I was feeling the way I was about certain things and that a lot of what I was going through was actually normal - society has a lot to answer for!! It is with eternal thanks to Julie that I am now able to step into a shopping centre without having a panic attack, I am tooled with everything I need to cope with it. I actually feel better equipped for life itself and Im nearly 40! There are very few people with the kind of gift that Julie has, I feel very fortunate to have spent time with her healing myself. She taught me so much and it will be with me forever. (Yasmin)

Female (32) 2016 Peterborough

'I felt like I had had a psychological make-over after the first session'

Male (51) 2015. Spalding.

I turned up for my first appointment with inner turmoil and two questions that needed answering. And bit by bit, thought by thought, they were being answered and for the first time in my life (Im 51yrs) I know who I am and what I must do. If you are standing there with a dart, trying to find your first Psychotherapist, stand a little nearer the board and make sure it lands on this one. (G)

Male (53) 2015. Spalding.

Thank you for your help. Your sessions helped raise some interesting Questions & have kept me thinking and I realise most of the time that I am OK & for the first time have pride about my achievements & my good qualities. Also thanks for the support when I felt down. I hope the future will now be happier and that I can effectively manage the challenges I have with my relationships & feelings. Only time will tell & I still have work to do particularly on relationships, others opinions & fears of rejection. (J)

Male. (32) 2015 Spalding.

I was not very keen initially to go to see Julie as I wasn't sure that psychotherapy was for me. I was very anxious and feeling physically quite poorly. The support I got was brilliant and i needed it for several weeks, when you are down it is hard to get yourself up. Julie helped me gradually become better which took several weeks but now I feel so well. (M)

Female 2015. Peterborough.

Julie is truly amazing, I feel like shes from another dimension. She seems to know me better than I know myself. Having been to a counsellor many years ago without 'finishing' my treatment properly, I have now discovered that I never truly faced my issues and Julie is slowly helping me put all the peices back together in my life. I am so grateful for finding Julie, she is helping me tremendously and I am starting to see the colours in life again! My advice to anyone reading this is to take those first steps to making yourself feel better. Seeking help for any issues in your life makes you a stronger person and julie is the perfect guide in my opinion. (L)

Female. (39) Bourne 2014.

An awesome woman who has helped me change my life, believe in myself and be the person I always wanted to be! (H)

Female (43) 2014. Bourne.

After only a few sessions with Julie she handed me a "key" which unlocked a door in my mind and my negative relationship with bread was put into perspective and half a stone just melted away with no fuss. Thank you for my new found clarity. (F)

Female 2013. Deeping St James.

I went to see Julie because work and life was stressful and I was overwhelmed and struggling to cope. After sessions with Julie I found I coped with day to day activities better and difficult situations were far easier to deal with. I felt calmer, happier and more in control of my life. (H)

Female 2013. Deeping St James.

My feelings stabilized and I was able to move into my future a better person and was able to make life changing decisions with ease" (C)

Female 2011. Market Deeping.

Julie made it easy to open up about whether i was bordering on depression and how counselling could help with the problems i had.She was non judgemental about events that had happened to me, both in my long distant past,and about recent events that were being affected by those bad times. She explained about how regular counselling sessionscould be of real benefit. I was sceptical at the time and didn't think that was what i needed but she was right. Now i can go forward with new ways of tackling future stresses that life throws at all of us sometimes. They say counselling only works when you can speak frankly to a stranger. By the time i felt better about myself, i felt she was more of a friend." (MG)

Female 2011. Deeping St James.

Visitng Julie has helped me so much in so many ways, my only regret is that I didn't visit her sooner, she made me feel like she really cared and that I was her only client, I have so much more confidence and enjoy life so much more since visiting her. I found Julie very approachable and felt at ease almost straight away in her company, Julie is a very friendly, non judgemental, trustworthy, informative and sincere person as well as having a professional manner, I have and will continue to recommend her to anyone who feels they may benefit from the services she provides. (L)

Male (35) Peterborough 2011.

A Poem from a client: “You see my needs, my mind you feed, change my thoughts, from how i was taught, shown me a way, that i can play, it altered my view, for that I thank you" (C)

Female (29) 2010. Grantham.

Julie is a natural born counsellor. I had been to several counsellors before but never felt able to relax and open up. I felt instantly at ease in Julie's company. She really was able to help me understand the feelings and thoughts i was having about certain aspects of my life. With Julie's help and understanding i have been able to start working through the confusion and negativity i had been experiencing. I feel a sense of freedom having been able to release emotions and thoughts that i had never dealt with before. Thanks Julie : )" (A)

Female 2010. Oundle.

I was suffering from stress due to a break up from my partner of 2 years. I didnt know what to do my head was all over the place. I then contacted julie and she listened to me, she made me feel at ease straight away actually I felt so much better it was easy to talk to her and i felt she understood my pain and had great empathy with me. I would definatly recommed sessions with her. I know I have a long way to go on my journey of recovery but I now have hope. (LP)

Female (35) 2010

''When I first considered hypno, I was quite anxious, particularly because of all the myths you hear about... how unsafe it is etc... however I put my trust in Julie and was pleasantly surprised that it was nothing like I expected.. in fact it was 'fabulous'. Julie was able to help me to relax, using a very calm tone of voice and she was able to get me to relax my body and mind and encouraged me to find 'my special place' while I was relaxed and closing my eyes. I was surprised how quickly I was able to take my mind to a safe and free place. After just a few sessions with Julie, I am now able to take my mind to my special place and I do not think of anything else... during this time nothing else matters. All the stresses of everyday life are no longer important at this time. The benefits I have gained following these sessions have been great. When I am feeling anxious or unable to sleep.. I think about my special place and how I feel when I'm there and I am finding this a good coping mechanism in my everyday life.

...... Also, I have been preparing for an interview and a presentation recently, even though I am a confident person, I have still been quite anxious about it. I have found that Julie has been able to help me develop positive feelings and place myself in the interview room. Following my recent sessions with Julie, I found that when I think of delivering my presentation, I actually smile and feel excited about this - I see this as an opportunity now and not a burden. I would definitely recommend anyone to this as not only does it help you with finding a way to manage your anxieties in everyday life, it also makes you understand how your body and mind work together positively. S. Peterborough

Female (44) 2010

"I came to Julie with some deep rooted issues that I believed to be insurmountable , with her guidance and help , instead of glossing over these and leaving only feeling temporarily well , I have tackled these head on ,she is non judgemental and proffessional , warm and friendly, and I have found Julie to be truly empathetic and highly intuitive. I am very happy with the progress I have made and feel able to continue my life with a new found confidence and well being.

KT Huntingdon

(Female 2009)

I had some big changes in my life , I was feeling very low and vulnerable. I met with Julie and she offered me Counselling sessions but at the time I wasn't sure they would help but I agreed. Now I realise it was the best thing I could have done. They gave me back my life making me stronger and more confident to challenge whatever comes along. Many thanks to you Julie"

R. Spalding