Julie Morley

MNCS Accred, Hyp.dip, dip.psysextherapy, Adv.dip.CP

Personal Psychotherapist

Market Deeping / Deeping St James, Peterborough UK 

Tel: 07902 583 487      Email: [email protected]

Therapies Offered

Full Psychotherapy with me can involve approaches such as:

  • Humanistic Therapies- Gestalt, Person Centred, Existential, Transactional Analysis
  • Psychodynamic and Jungian Analytical Therapies
  • CBT, Mindfullness, DBT,
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Relationship Therapy, Psychosexual Therapy
  • Insomnia Therapy
  • Inter-personal, Intra-Personal Therapies, Psychological Parts Therapy

Personal Psychotherapy

Medium to long term therapy which can deal more effectively with longer term or deeper issues, and issues needing more complex interventions.

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Short to medium term therapy aimed at dealing with more immediate issues.  Psychotherapeutic techniques are used in Counselling.

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Mental Health Counselling

We want mental health and when our mental health is challenged we are starting to experience symptoms that are getting in the way of us living our life.

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Women's Stress Consultancy

Women experience stresses that are particular to them and I find that therapy can often support women to make the necessary changes to improve how they feel.

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Relationship Therapy

Individual relationship therapy is about improving intimate relationships and other relationships through counselling and Psychotherapy. 

(not for couples)

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Psychosexual Therapy for women

Counselling around sexual issues is a particular therapy because the area of sexual relationships and sexuality (sexual personality) is a large and complex area.

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Insomnia / Sleep therapy

Sleep therapy aims to imrpove difficulties we have when sleeping.  This can be caused from bad habits, stress, anxiety or depression problems, an inability to relax or stop over thinking.

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Psychotherapeutic Coaching, Development and Professional Support

Psychotherapeutic Coaching works much in the same way as Psychotherapy but a person who attends does not have any mental health issues or difficulties in managing life.  This would also include supproting those with demanding job roles.

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