Julie Morley

MNCS Accred, Hyp.dip, dip.psysextherapy, Adv.dip.CP

Personal Psychotherapist

Market Deeping / Deeping St James, Peterborough UK 

Tel: 07902 583 487      Email: [email protected]

Wellbeing Sessions

Wellbeing sessions are an ideal transition from weekly and intense appointments to more independence.  They are usually monthly but can also be fortnightly.

Sessions are good for those who are no longer experiencing their previous level of stress or distress and provide a comfortable link to work already done.

They can encourage and explore :-

  • Regular personal reflection
  • Working through milder life, personal or relationship issues
  • Understanding ones psyche & Personal values (continuing on from earlier personal therapy)
  • Psychotherapeutic Personal or Life Coaching

There is still an element of psychotherapeutic intervention involved and the sessions are forward thinking. People have said it can feel like a psychological make over.

Professional Support
For some people, wellbeing sessions can be suitable when they are working under extreme pressure in the workplace such as front line workers such as NHS workers, Police Force & SOcial Workers, other Government or Local Service Roles and other high demand job roles such as business ownership.